If your teammates are scattered around the world, kick off your meeting by sending a virtual hi to each one of them. Our ‘magic cube’ random question generator will do that for you. For example, someone might hold up a framed photo of their kids and share a icebreakers for virtual meetings little about them. Or someone else might hold up an empty bowl and say, “I haven’t had time to do dishes yet.” It doesn’t have to be something profound. What we have on our desks can tell others a little bit about ourselves—or at least give people a laugh.

  • It’ll be just like a real brainstorming session, minus the commuting time and bad coffee.
  • The Myers Briggs test helps identify individual’s psychological types as initiated by C.
  • Here’s another one from the ‘Get to know your colleagues better’ virtual icebreakers.
  • Coworker Feud is a fun virtual icebreaker that offers an electrifying entertainment experience that’s perfect for playing with a remote team.
  • To start the meeting on a funny note, ask everyone to give away their guilty pleasure TV shows or movies.

Anything that allows team members to share about themselves is beneficial. Try these icebreakers in your next virtual team meeting to help your team connect and engage. In this article, we’ll explore the best virtual icebreakers for your next meetings, including creative and effective ideas and games to help your team connect and communicate better. Similarly to team building activities, icebreakers can help build connections among team members.

Encourage the right atmosphere

The rest of the participants guess which of the statements is a lie. Once all the participants have made their guesses, the lead player will reveal the untrue statement. Finally, the lead player will pass a turn to one member who guessed correctly. Put all your team members’ names into a random name or word selector website, like the random picker from MiniWebTool. When the site chooses a name, that person has five seconds to name one famous mom. Characters like Mother Goose, Morticia Addams, or even celebrities will pop up and remind everyone of people or figures they loved growing up.

  • So whether you’re looking for team building icebreakers for new employees or ways to energize your team during a meeting, this list has you covered.
  • The best icebreakers allow attendees to warm up, understand each other, and face work challenges as a team.
  • Everyone can say one thing their families celebrated during any time of the year to reminisce about some of their favorite memories.
  • At the end of the time, go around and have each team member read their stories aloud.
  • This game enhances memorization by associating participants’ names with the zoo animal they represented.

Starting the meeting with the question of the week can set the mood for the rest of the call and allow your team to get to know each other on a more personal level. Here are some of our favorite virtual ice breakers for fun team meetings. Try one of these in your next virtual meeting and let us know how it went in the comments below. The above ideas are a great place to start, but if you want to take it to the next level and really get your team engaged then check out Miro’s ice breaker template. This is a simple customizable tool that you can use to create all manner of fun icebreaker games, with a new game for each meeting. 30-Minute Virtual Icebreakers is one of the top short virtual icebreakers that will seamlessly break the ice!

Best Large Group Icebreaker Games & Activities for Sparking Conversations in 2023

Icebreakers are team-building exercises that aim to bond team members and facilitate collaborative work. They can ease team cohesion and even boost friendship and goodwill among the group. They can be questions that elicit profound answers, or fun games that help small groups connect through laughter. This is a great virtual icebreaker that allows for more intimate conversations among your teammates.

Take turns doing screen shares so everyone can participate, regardless of location. This is an easy and fast method to learn something personal, with a work twist, about everyone on the team. Going in “cold” to a session with a group of people from different teams and functions can be challenging. Participants tend to have preconceived ideas about other members that may be difficult to overcome. The use of an icebreaker will help break down stereotypes and forge previously unknown connections. New and existing members will learn to relate to each other in ways they hadn’t expected.

Answer the question first to, well, break the ice.

This is a great way for participants to get to know the tool before diving into the work. In the next chapter we will lead you through the visual thinking practices for remote brainstorming. This question can reveal how participants view themselves, and their strengths. Answers to this question can reveal the breadth of participants’ tastes.

Whether they get on the mic to say it or type it in the chat, the humor will still loosen everyone up and showcase their personalities. Ask your team members to submit a workplace-appropriate meme to your inbox or bring one to your next meeting. You can review the most popular meme formats and put them in a slideshow where each person talks about why they chose that image or joke as an example of their sense of humor.

If you had to eat one food for the rest of time, what would it be?

Break the team into small groups and ask them to brainstorm ideas in the form of one word that describes “x”. Or, they can use a visual online workspace solution or even a shared Google document. This game is a good fit for brainstorming teams that do not know one another or work remotely.

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