His interests extend to Android OS, artificial intelligence, cyber security services, and productivity tools like Office 365. Currently, he’s pursuing Bachelor of Commerce (BCom Hons.) at Punjab University, India. In his free time, he explores the world of custom ROMs and kernels. If all else fails, you can install the missing DLL manually. However, this must absolutely be done as a last resort.

  • To ensure this, try reinstalling the game or application, which will fix all the corrupted DLL files causing this error.
  • If the system file corruption was caused by bad sectors, it’s likely that your hard drive is starting to fail.
  • This will create a recovery image on your C drive.
  • Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery is an official tool for recovering deleted files from hard disks, SD cards, USB drives, and other storage media.

DLL stands for “Dynamic-Link Library”, and is Microsoft’s implementation of the shared library concept in the Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems. They are essentially the same as EXEs, but are named differently for clarity in the linking process. DLL files cannot, however, be directly executed, hence the existence of tools like rundll.exe and rundll32.exe.

Run the System File Checker.

We currently have 7 different versions for this file available.Choose wisely. Most of the time, just pick the highest version. You then have to unzip the file that you downloaded, and merely double-clicking on the file would open it using the msvcp71 Windows’ built-in support feature for zip files. Else, you’ll be redirected to the download folder if a different path has been specified. However, one also opts for the old-school method of downloading DLL files from the website.

what are dll files in c#

We’ll show you multiple ways to get around this issue. There are also additional advanced options you can see by running winfr /! You’ll need to know what file system the drive you’ll be scanning is formatted with. To find this, open File Explorer, right-click the drive under This PC, and select “Properties.” You’ll see the file system displayed on the “General” tab.

Solving the Missing DLL files issue on Windows 10:

You can fix missing DLL files by running SFC and DISM scanner, retrieve deleted DLL files with a file recovery tool, manually download DLL files, and so on. Smart DLL Missing Fixer fixes the missing or corrupted DLL files and lets you re-register DLL files that are missing. The program claims to have one of the largest databases of DLL files and allows finding DLLs directly from the tool. The software troubleshoots DLL files and also fixes the DLL registry errors in Windows XP and later releases. A bad application installation may corrupt one or more files, causing the .dll errors. Missing DLL files when opening your applications? Read this post and you will know how to recover these files with MiniTool data recovery software, as well as how to fix this issue by some other solutions.

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