About Us

Bukabopa Holdings (Pty) Ltd is an innovative company that specializes in Manufacturing, Fabrication & Machining for steel components and general engineering for diverse mechanical projects spanning various industries.

We actively support the growth and empowerment of our country’s railway transportation network through providing expert railway services. We specialise in the leasing of locomotives and the maintenance, repair, and upgrade of various rolling-stock types. We aim to become a key competitor and service provider for leasing rolling-stock. Our technical expertise and professional services are at the forefront of our determination, success and growth. We are a well-networked company, with access to various business partners and solutions mainly based on experience and integrity.

Spare & Parts

Our spares and parts will always comply with the relevant Quality Bodies, such as the International Union of Railways (UIC), South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), British Standards (BS) and American Standards (AS)